Industries we serve.

Here's an overview of the customers we serve, if you're not in there, don't worry, we'll help you too!

Healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. 

Staying up to date with the latest (r)evolutions in diabetes care, new technologies and medication is critical for everyone caring for diabetics. Contact us for continuous education classes, diabetes related projects or whenever you're in need of a professional with in-depth knowledge of diabetes. 

Governments, NGO's and Advocacy Groups. 

Implementing meaningful policies that will make a difference can only be done with the help of professionals with real knowledge of the field. Contact us for input!


With diabetes reaching epidemical levels worldwide, a class about diabetes has become common in many different fields of study. Contact us to add diabetes classes to your curriculum, we offer everything from a simple introduction to advanced knowledge classes. 

The education industry also has to deal with diabetes of its members. We're here to help you implement diabetes policies and procedures, contact us.

Services and insurance. 

Service providers and insurers receive questions from their customers regarding prevention, management, policies and procedures of many different health-related items. When diabetes comes up, we're here to help! Contact us.

Travel and transportation. 

Diabetes affects one's ability to operate a vehicle. Safety is paramount when dealing with the transportation of people and goods. Early detection and awareness of diabetes are critical in the prevention of accidents and implementing policies to manage diabetes related risks are a must. Contact us if you need help.

Manufacturing, energy and retail.

A clock is what most resemble these companies. Everyone has a job to do, and every job is critical to make the company work. Given one out of ten has or is developing diabetes, a company with 50 workers statistically has 5 employees with diabetes. Contact us to implement critical preventive and reactive policies to mitigate the risk of downtime.  

Construction, mining and agriculture.

Expensive equipment, high-stake projects, large volumes, major safety risks... employers and workers in this sector deal with far reaching and expensive consequences of failures and accidents. Contact us to help you implement critical preventive and reactive policies to mitigate the risk of human errors and accidents caused by diabetes.