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20 years experience
in every aspect of diabetes nursing

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Registered and certified diabetes nurse educator and certified teacher.

Experienced in nursing, teaching, management and public policies.

Fluent in English, Dutch, French and Spanish.


In 2006, after working a couple of years at a palliative care unit, I began my career as a diabetes nurse educator in a multidisciplinary medical center. Later on, I continued my journey in a diabetic convention center in a hospital in Leuven, Belgium.

For 14 years I accompanied people with different types of diabetes and trained other nurses to keep them up to date about the latest evolutions in diabetology. At that time, I obtained a teaching degree to improve my teaching skills.

My professional experiences in the first and second line of care and the countless hours spent teaching others about diabetes have enriched me a lot. It allowed me to join the Diabetes Association in Brussels, Belgium where I focused on the coaching of its members, the support of the healthcare professionals and the implementation and lobbying of public policies regarding diabetes.

I've now decided to put my extensive experience at the service of companies and organisations looking for information on diabetes and the management of its side effects, whether physical or psychological.

I sincerely hope that Dialogica will be an impactful source of education, information and a response to the needs we are experiencing today. More than ever, we need to talk about diabetes, raise public awareness and prevent this chronic disease from becoming epidemiological. ​